Ranch fencing provided by Graham Construction & Land Clearing.As anyone who has ever lived on a large property knows, ranch fencing and other containment strategies are incredibly important for the overall enjoyment, beautification, and functionality of your Texas land. Whether you are looking to highlight the boundary of your property, add fencing to control wildlife or cattle, create a grand entrance with a new custom fencing gate, or add character to your property, we have years of experience designing and constructing custom fencing options across Central Texas. Our staff will work with you to design the perfect fencing options to suit your personal tastes and needs.

We work with a number of different materials to get the job done right on your ranch, private land, or commercial property:

Wood Fencing

Looking for an organic looking fencing option for the perimeter of your property? We can create a beautiful wooden fence line for you using cedar, treated lumber, and other materials. You may be interested in a traditional looking wooden rail fence or Texas cedar post ranch style fence, or a mixed materials fence line.

Metal Fencing

There are many different options available for metal fence lines. Looking for a simpler fencing solution? We can install a basic barbed wire solution for you. Wanting something more elaborate? We will work with you to custom design a sturdy metal fence that provides functionality while enhancing the appearance of your property.


We offer an abundance of gate options, including a large choice in materials as well as design strategies for gates of all sizes and for different uses. Whether you are looking for fencing gates, a new gate for your walkway, or to create a grand custom entrance to your property, we can help you every step of the way. From manually operated gates with secure latching systems to electric gate options, our gates are the perfect fit for our custom ranch fencing.

Game-Proof Fencing

Needing to keep game in or out? Our team will help you come up with the ideal game-proof system to help manage wildlife. Whether you own a recreational or a hunting property, our high fencing adds a superior level of security to keep wild hogs and predators off your land and keep your deer, horses, and cattle on your property.

Cattle Penning, and Cattle Guards

It’s important to have a cattle containment strategy that meets your needs. We have years of experience providing ranch and farm fencing designed to keep your herd, or other livestock, where they ought to be.

Graham Construction & Land Clearing offers an abundance of services to private and commercial property owners from site work, septic installation, to design and fabrication of metal buildings. With years of experience, we will work with you to make the improvements you need to maximize the functionality and beauty of your property. For any and all of your ranch fencing needs, please contact us today for a consultation.