Whether you have just purchased a new to you rural property, you are developing land out of town, or you are building a new house on your existing land, you are going to want to look into septic installation, also called an onsite sewage facility, when connecting to a city sewer is not an option. Our team specializes in many kinds of property improvement including, but not limited to, land clearing, and site work, as well as conventional septic system installation in Central Texas.

Septic Installation – What You Need To Know

Before plans can be drawn up, the land you intend to build on must undergo a site and soil profile analysis and evaluation, and often a percolation “perc” test. If at all possible, do not purchase a property prior to the test being performed! This evaluation is required in order to determine if the land can be built on. If the draining of the land is inadequate, the site may not be permitted to be developed.

The results of this evaluation will influence many things, including the area of your property that is best suited to be developed. The presence of ground water, the slope of the land, and the closeness of the proposed site to the property line are also important factors that need to be considered. All of these factors combined will also influence the septic system design, including the position of the septic drain field, which is also called the leach field. The team at Graham Construction & Land Clearing work with a licensed engineer who can perform the site and soil evaluation, and the perc test if necessary, and will create a design for the septic system based off the results of the engineer’s findings. All necessary tests and permits will be obtained. The members of our septic installation team then follow the engineer’s plans for installation.

Septic Installation Cost

The cost of the septic tank, system, and the installation are also tied to the results of the site and soil evaluation, the perc test, and presence of ground water. If the site and soil are not optimal, the costs will be higher. The design may also require additional fill, which will affect the cost of the installation. We provide a reasonable estimate of the costs of installation.


There are many ways we can help you improve your lot. Graham Construction & Land Clearing also offers custom metal building, ranch fencing, and wildlife management services. Contact us for a consultation today so we can help you make the most of your land.