Preparing a property properly for your construction project is no small task. It’s important to choose a company who understands and appreciates all the details involved and will make sure the site work is done right. In Central Texas, it can be particularly challenging with the many different types of soil and rock present on each piece of land, and the site work strategy must be designed to accommodate many different factors. The site work experts at Graham Construction & Land Clearing have years of experience maximizing the functionality and improving the usability of every site.

Graham Construction & Land Clearing providing site work for a clients property.Site Work Preparation

Once your site has been evaluated, you may have to invest in land clearing to get your project started. Graham Construction & Land Clearing offers several different methods to get the job done, depending on the type of brush present and the best techniques available for removal.

Techniques for excavating a foundation varies greatly from lot to lot; It’s a lot more involved than moving dirt around. There are many variables that have to be taken into consideration including the type or types of soil present as well as the presence of rock. Likewise, plan of action for trenching and excavation for septic system installation must be different depending on soil, rock and topography as well as other factors such as the permeability of the subsoil and the presence of ground water.

Site Work – Grading

Grading is required to minimize potential water problems and improve the overall layout of the land including accessibility as well as functionality. Improper grading often leads to creating water problems where there previously were none present before- if the slope is problematic, you could find yourself with flooding issues in your new structure. The flow of water should be directed away from structures, but should also be directed in such a way that it doesn’t impact other structures, new roads or neighboring structures. When judging the appropriate way to grade, water flow on the property as well as from adjacent properties must be taken into consideration.


Graham Construction & Land Clearing has years of experience with site work and land preparation for any sized property from small residential lots to large commercial properties, as well as privately owned ranches. We also offer other services such as farm and ranch improvementwildlife management and fabrication and installation of custom made metal buildings and fencing. Contact us today so we can help you get the most out of your property.